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WordPress Optimization | WPFarm
Page Caching

Load optimized versions of your website pages providing your visitors with a lightning fast browsing experience.

WordPress Optimization | WPFarm

Page caching allows the website to load the page from memory and not have to do a full load as if it’s the first time.

We implement this on your website to give your user faster load times throughout the site.

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WordPress Optimization | WPFarm
We will compress your site files so they occupy fewer lines of code and take less time to load. We’ll also resize and compress your images to a more manageable size while still retaining crystal clear photography for all devices. 1 of 1
WordPress Optimization | WPFarm

We’ll compress your site files so they occupy fewer lines of code and take less time to load. This includes safe compression of html, javascript and css – without breaking your website.

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WordPress Optimization | WPFarm

Compress your site files into less lines of code, resulting in faster load times.

WordPress Optimization | WPFarm
Health Checkup

Often slow websites point to a larger problem. If we find malware, we'll quarantine, diagnose and clean it.

WordPress Optimization | WPFarm

We’ll do a thorough check for overall website security, potential vulnerabilities, and cleaning up of any malware, or other issues if found.

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WordPress Optimization | WPFarm
Photo Resizing

Compress images across your site without losing picture quality.

WordPress Optimization | WPFarm

Here is where we’ll run tests to find photos on your site causing slow load times. We’ll then resize and compress those images to a more manageable size while still retaining crystal clear photography for all devices.

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WordPress Optimization | WPFarm
Full Site Analysis

Know how you rank. Learn how Google sees your website and tips on how to produce more traffic.

WordPress Optimization | WPFarm

Here’s where we perform a full organic search presence analysis of your website through industry leading tools such as SEMrush and AHREFS to learn how Google sees the site and to discover great keyword rankings you may have. This also gives us insights into what needs to happen to boost your website traffic.

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WordPress Optimization | WPFarm
7 Day Aftercare

We'll monitor your site for 7 days to ensure it remains fast. Tune-ups included free.

WordPress Optimization | WPFarm

Once we’ve completed your WP speed optimizations, we’ll monitor the site for a full 7 days to confirm that the site is, in fact, loading faster.

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How Does WordPress Optimization Work?

The reasoning behind a slow WordPress site is often multi-faceted, but can easily be pinpointed if properly inspected. 

The most typical reason is a fatal combination of poorly executed code and a slow server to which the code resides on. This can often be further subjected by an excessive use of plugins or an old theme as well. 

Have no fear. Most, if not all of these factors can be remedied with proper care and sometimes a bit of web development work. 

When it comes to addressing these issues, we work from the foundation and move outward. We always recommend using a high-performance, WordPress optimized hosting provider so as to eliminate any chances that it’s not your website but the environment on which the site resides. This is why we provide Site Optimization free with any WordPress hosting plan at WP Farm.

Speed Optimization as a service, is our simple, targeted and affordable performance optimization for WordPress sites of any size. We believe everyone has the right to a super fast website, and that’s why we offer it as a one-time service outside of our classic hosting plans.

We incorporate a full suite of advanced techniques from performance page caching to GZip compression to give you blazing fast speeds. Because websites come in all shapes and sizes and there is no be-all end-all solution. What might work for one website may not be the best for yours. It’s important to determine what works best for your website based on your theme requirements, server restrictions, or plugin conflicts and that’s why for many website owners, a custom solution like WP Optimize makes sense.

Our trained specialists will scan and optimize multiple aspects of your website.

File-based Optimization: Our trained specialists will optimize your file directory for compression and minification. Additionally, it will be scanned for malware. If malware is found, the website owner is alerted immediately. We’ll document the malware, repair the issues, and install your website on a fresh copy of WordPress.

Image Optimization: WP Optimize performs scans of images larger than necessary to fit it’s frame. This works wonders on websites that have plenty of photos.

Patching: We’ll run a compatibility check and patch your WordPress (when available) to ensure you are up-to-date and deliver a final report.

Each site is different by design, which is the primary reason WP Farm optimizes sites by hand instead of using automated services. That being said, we humbly report a 100% success rate with gains of 10-25x the original speeds when all recommendations have been implemented. This translates into a decreased load time average of 7.5 seconds when measured using GT Metrix and YSlow benchmarks.

Our hosting costs have decreased by over 90% and we’re running at about 25% of our capacity allowing us to quickly scale.
We hand off the management aspect of our website projects to WP Farm, and the partnership has been a lifesaver.
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We have been able to make scaling the technical infrastructure of your business cost-effective and efficient.

What Are the Benefits of WordPress Speed Optimization?

Other than adding money to your bottom line through higher conversion rates online, other benefits include:

A Decrease in Your Bounce Rate

Keep people on your site instead of hitting the back button on their browser and bouncing away because your page took too long to load.

Improve Your SEO

Google’s highest priority is user experience. A fast website will rank higher in search engine result pages, making it easier for potential customers to find your site. What's the point of having a website if your customers can’t find it?

WordPress Optimization | WPFarm

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