OOS, Available Upon Request Services

1. Service and Fee Schedule and Fees

a. Fees for Service will be per month with invoices sent 15 days ahead and will be due by the first day of each month. The Service will begin on the effective date – the first invoice is due by this date and will be prorated, and next invoices will be due by the 1st of the next month. The amount applies to labor only. All other expenses, such as servers and associated applications or plugins, will be in addition to the statement and will be invoiced separately and due on delivery. 

b. If Client fails to pay an invoice by the due date, Client will be charged a five percent (5.0%) late fee. The client will be charged five percent (5.0%) late fee for each subsequent month thereafter, or the legal maximum if less. This shall accrue on past due billings unless Client notifies Company of a billing dispute in writing prior to the payment due date. If Client fails to pay two consecutive invoices, services will be ceased, however; billing will continue per the SOW. Failure of Company to enforce this provision is not a waiver of future rights to enforce such provisions. Client agrees to pay all legal and/or collection fees associated with a failure to pay.

c. Company to provide automatic payment options.

d. Additional Websites will be installed per above SOW and monthly rate will be increased, based on the count of additional units, beginning the next monthly billing period, based on fee.

e. Service, under Included Services, that occurs outside of the normal operating hours of Company, excluding holidays, will be credited as 1.5x(hours) against the Client’s account i.e. time and a half.

f. All month-to-month costs for server and VPS (virtual private server) usage and associated service(s) and/or license(s) listed under Included Services are subject to change. The price indicated, unless specified as “Annual” in the purchase of a new website hosting plan and all associated service(s) and/or license(s) line item under Included Services, is a variable month-to-month cost. Any “Annual” pricing is a locked in rate that is not subject to change during a Minimum Term no less than a 12-month period from the date of the Agreement being signed by associated parties.

g. “Annual” hosting plans and all associated item(s) counts may be increased at any time during the service period.

2. Hourly rates for out-of-scope (OOS) labor

a. If the length of time of which a technician completes a remote website development request and said request is more than 15 minutes, client will be required to pay the hourly technician on-site support rate for any time accrued past 25 miles. If it is a holiday, weekend, or after-hours the response time will be billed at the Holiday, weekend & after-hours on-site support rate. These expense rates as defined here, will be applied via the category in which the client falls under i.e. Managed Client, Un-Managed Client, and/or Break/Fix Client.

OOS charges, remote, onsite, and emergency work will be invoiced on a regular basis as they occur.

i. Web Development Support: $120/hr
ii. Content Change/Updates: $120/hr
iii. Holiday, weekend & after-hours remote support: $150/hr

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